Filter Bag Manufacturers - Our capabilities

We are a specialist in filter bag manufacturing, in all types of high-quality industrial filtration bags manufactured to your specifications and requirements.

Whether your company calls for custom manufactured filter bags, filter bag cages, filter cartridges, etc., Industrial Filtration, Inc. will create, design and manufacturer the right filter bag or filtration product for you. Industrial Filtration, Inc. manufactures filter bags with top of the line designs and any style of filter bag to meet your specific needs.

Our experienced staff will review your requirements with you, or you can send your specifications to us and we will gladly assist in providing you with your filter bag manufacturing specifications.

What You Need to Request your Manufactured Filter Bag:

We have the capacity to produce thousands of filter bags. We offer a complete line of replacement and custom designed dust collector bags to fit most manufactures' filter bag housings. We can custom fabricate various types of attachments to work with your specific shaker mechanism, whether it's a loop, eyelet, grommet or some other device.


  • Designed for ease of installation and change-out
  • Wide range of coatings and finishes
  • Wide variety of felt, woven filter
  • and paper

If you choose to custom design your manufacturer filter bags the information below is what we need to provide you with a quote:

1. Brand name of the collector
2. Is it a shaker or pulse style?
3. Length of bag or cage
4. Diameter
5. Flat dimension
6. Is it a top or bottom load collector?

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