Formed by thermal bond without the use of any binders or adhesives

100% polypropylene meets the FDA CFR Title 21 requirements for contact with food and pharmaceutical products

No fiber releasing or media migration

Materials tested and certified by NSF under ANSI/NSF Standard 42


Absolute Rated 99% Efficient

Standard lengths listed. Custom lengths available.


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VOREX HP Cross Reference

CMHP00110 CMHP00120 CMHP00130 CMHP00140
CMHP00310 CMHP00320 CMHP00330 CMHP00340
CMHP00510 CMHP00520 CMHP00530 CMHP00540
CMHP01010 CMHP01020 CMHP01030 CMHP01040
CMHP02510 CMHP02520 CMHP02530 CMHP02540
CMHP05010 CMHP05020 CMHP05030 CMHP05040
CMHP07510 CMHP07520 CMHP07530 CMHP07540
CMHP10010 CMHP10020 CMHP10030 CMHP10040


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